History of Bhangoo s

Written by Mr. Ali Arslan Bhangoo ( arslan@bhangoo.com). Last updated 29th November 2010 as requested by Zahid Bhangoo.

Raja Tanaj (nation (Salhutara) "Rajpoot") lived in "Shoor Kot". One day he was very upset. He went to Hazrat Shahbaz Clander. Hazrat Shahbaz Clander asked Raja Tanaj why you are upset. Raja Tanaj told him that Idont  have  any child and that is the reason I am upset. So he prayed for Raja Tanaj. After few months God gave him a child. After this Raja Tanaj returned to Hazrat Shahbaz Clander with his baby. Raja Tanaj left his baby with Hazrat Shahbaz Clander’s followers. Raja Tanaj told Hazrat Shahbaz Clander that GOD has given me a child. Hazrat Shahbaz Clander asked Raja Tanaj, is the baby who is weeping yours? He answered yes. Hazrat Shahbaz Clander told his followers to put some drops of "BHANG" in his mouth, his followers did. After that the baby stopped crying. From then on he was called BHANGOO. After a year God gave him another child. His name was Pannon. His generation was called "Pannon". Momen accepted Islam. Adil went to "Mar Bhangoowan" (Village).

My extended family

(1)Raja Tanaj (Bhangoo generation started from Raja Tanaj)
(8)Adil (He went to Marh Bhangoowaan)
(9)Momin (He accepted Islam)
(14)Roshan Din+Nazeer Ahmad (They are my great grand grand father)
(15)Attah Ullah+Faqeer Muhammad

Roshan Din Bhangoo is my great grandfather. He was always with Quaid-i-Azam. He was a big help in the making of Pakistan. My village name is in the name of my great grandfather “KOT ROSHAN DIN”. He was the MLA of Pakistan Muslim League Sheikhupura & it is our city. It is about 15 Kilometers from Sheikhupura Faisalabad road. Roshan Din Bhangoo had 2 sons Faqeer Muhammad Bhangoo and Attah Ullah Bhangoo.

Faqeer Muhammad also called Zaildar. He had six sons.

 Qramat ali Bhangoo ( The eldest) Then Rehmat Ali Bhangoo then Afzaal Bhangoo then Iftikhar Ahmed Bhangoo, Nisar Ahmed Bhangoo and Iqbal Ahmed Bhangoo.


Attah Ullah Bhangoo had six sons:

Hafeez Ullah Bhangoo, Zaka ullah Bhangoo(Late), Sana Ullah Bhangoo,  Azmat Ullah Bhangoo,  Saeed Ullah Bhangoo,  Waheed Ullah Bhangoo


So firstly Faqeer Muhammad

Qramat Ali Bhangoo (Late)
He has four sons:
1) Khalid Bhangoo
His two sons are currently in England.
2} Pervez Bhangoo
He has one son:
Hussain Bhangoo (CA INTER qualified)
3) Musadiq Bhangoo (Late)
He has one son (currentky in UAE)
4) Amjad Bhangoo

Rehmat Ali Bhangoo (Late)
He has two sons:
1) Tallat Mahmood Bhangoo
He has one son:
Muhammad Zahid (CA INTER Qualified) and currently doing his articles from KPMG Lahore.
2) Sajjid Mahmood Bhangoo
He has three daughters.

Afzal Bhangoo
He has two sons
1) Imran Bhangoo (Late)
2) Amir Bhangoo
He has two sons.


Iftikhar Ahmad Bhangoo:
He is also a land lord. He is deeply interested in Politics. He is also member Zila Council in 1979 & 1983.He is M.P.A (Member provincial Assembly) in 1985 &1988 of Pakistan Muslim league .He has five sons.

Faisal Iftikhar Bhangoo:
He is doing his business.
Bilal Iftikhar Bhangoo:
He is Nazim of Dist Sheikhupura. He has one son that is Dawar Bilal Bhangoo he is studying 5th class in Lahore Grammar School

Suhail Iftikhar Bhangoo:
He is doing his business.
Usman IftikharBhangoo:
He is a manager of Meezan bank Dubai.
Omer Iftikhar Bhangoo:
He is studying in FSC Punjab College of Commerce.

Nisar Ahmad Bhangoo
He is a landlord. He has one son. His name is Ali Bhangoo.
Ali Nasar Bhangoo:
He is doing business.

Iqbal Bhangoo:
He is also landlord. He has one son. His name is Safwan Bhangoo.
Safwan Bhangoo:
He is studying in O levels in Beacon House School System


And now Attah Ullah Bhangoo’s Family.


Hafeez Ullah Bhangoo:
He is 65ears old. He is a landlord. He has one son. His name is Ali Arfat Bhangoo.
Ali Arfat bhangoo:
He is certified in Microsoft. He has done CCNA, CCNP & MCSE. He is also doing M.C.S. and doing job as a Networking Manager in PEL Electronics Head Office.


Zaka Ullah Bhangoo (Late):
He was 65 years old, he was doing job in Pakistan Army as a Brigadiers Rank pilot of VVIP flights in Aviation. He had flied more than 10,000 hours. Recently on 15th may 2007 he was Shaheed during his journey from England to Pakistan. He was going to fulfill his dream. He wanted to fly himself over the whole world. He had also made a plan to fly over the world in 2003 with his Co pilot Col. Ajab Khan. But due to some external problems they did not do that. In April 2007 he comes to know that his friend Mr. Michel had a plan to come Pakistan with his wife in his own plane. Then they made a plan that Mr. Zaka and Mr. Michel had to fly from England to Pakistan and her wife came on PIA. Then Mr. Zaka reached England and after staying some days they fly from England. When he reached Iran he stayed there for 3 to 4 days due to bad weather. Then he takeoff with is friend Michel. He was also a pilot. Now he was flying suddenly due the cause of weather the plane was out of control and crashed and unfortunately both were Shaheed. Flying was not his profession he was treated as a passion.

He has three sons Yasir Bhangoo, Amir Bhangoo and Shumail Bhangoo
Yasir Bhangoo:
He is Major in Pakistan Army.
Amir Bhangoo:
He is doing Business.
Shumail Bhangoo:
He is Major in Pakistan Army.

Sana Ullah Bhangoo:
He is my Father. He is 54 years old. He has one son. That’s me. My father is also a land lord and doing Business.

Ali Arslan Bhangoo:
I have done my MBA and recently doing job in Colony Industries as a Senior Marketing Executive.

Azmat Ullah Bhangoo:
Azmat Ullah Bhangoo is 48 years old. He is also a landlord. He has two sons Waqas Haider Bhangoo and Zaigham Abbas Bhangoo.

Waqas Haider Bhangoo:
He is doing job as a engineer in Mobilink Network.
Zaigham Abbas Bhangoo:
He is doing Law.

Saeed Ullah Bhangoo:
He is 46 Years old. He is also a land lord. He has two sons Nayab Roshan Bhangoo & Yousaf Atta Bhangoo
Nayab Roshan Bhangoo:
He is doing BBA from LSE.
Yousaf Atta Bhangoo:
He is doing BS Honors from Beacon University.

Waheed Ullah Bhangoo:
He is also a land lord. He has only one son Salman Bhangoo
Salman Bhangoo:
He is studying in Garrison School.